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She stood in stark contrast to the rest of the place – lights were flying melee around the walls, a harsh blue light emanating from below the bar, but she was dark and mysterious in a way I never imagined a woman could be. How was it that she was alone? Or did she prefer it? Did she enjoy moving throughout the club, watching others dance, listening in on the absurdities no doubt being spoken of… I needed to get near her – that much I knew. I wanted to feel that skin, covered only by a black tank-top and leather skirt that hugged her legs down to her knees, her body was accentuated by those 4 inch red stilettos. She seemed to deflect others, skillfully moving around the bar until she knew she would be left alone with her dirty martini – a woman like that would drink a dirty martini – classy, yet with a mysterious bitterness that assaulted and caressed your tongue. She lifted the olive from the glass, perching it between her teeth…I could see her tongue moving over it slowly before she. "So,Lexie pulled down her jeans to reveal her red boyshorts. I was looking,cause Lexie had a Tyra Banks in her prime body.So,Lexie sat on the bed. Before I can pull her panties down, she stopped me took off her shirt. She had a matching bra,and said to me,"If you eat me right, I'll let you suck on my Triple D's."I pulled down her panties, spread her legs and started teasing her. I'm blowing my breath on her pussy, liking her inner thighs. Until Lexie plunged my head in her wet pink pussy. I was licking her like a k** licking on a huge sucker.Lexie was enjoying it. As, I was fingering her, licking her clip so hard. She started shaking. Then, I put two fingers in her.Lexie was screaming, "Aww Fuck, Aww Fuck!!! I'm about to squirting in your fucking mouth!!" I position my mouth on Lexie's pussy, and she blasted all her cum in my mouth and squirted in there too. Afterwards Lexie left.I check my phone, it was 2 women who said,"Hon,were responding to your Craigslist ad. My friend and I.
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