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He’d just finished reading it when the swamper from the roughest saloon in Tucson ran into his office and said there were five men, all drunk, causing problems. The Marshal took two of his Deputies to the saloon and found the four men named in the Colorado City letter, along with a fifth who was known to associate with them. When the Marshal and his Deputies walked into the saloon, they found the five men, drunk almost to the point of incapacitation, hooting and hollering about the anti-slavery meeting they’d broken up in Colorado City. He arrested them all without a problem and has them in jail.“He sent me both his report and the report from the Colorado City Marshal. Together, the reports were more than enough for the warrants. I don’t want this sitting around and festering,” he said with a grim look. We need to get those men out of Colorado City and Tucson, both the pro-slavers and anti-slavers, get them here as soon as possible, and tried.”“Well, I can see why you’re concerned,”. "I love what we've done. It has been unbelievably satisfying. But I can't help wanting more." I know exactly how you feel," she said, pulling him into a loose embrace. "What if we tried something new?" The only new thing I can think of is the thing you don't want to do for three more days," he said.She bumped her loins against his."I do want to do that. But I know it would be ruined by guilt. I was thinking more about what you said last time you found my toy lying on the bed." What did I say?" You said that you'd rather help me use it than watch me use it."She felt him become tumescent against her abdomen. It happened quickly."That was fast," she said, mildly surprised."It's usually in that condition all the time I'm around you," he said."So ... do you think that could help you wait three more days?" What I really need is for some doctor to give me a shot that puts me to sleep for three days." He grinned. "But your alternative plan is appealing." And then I'll help you with my.
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