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I cannot approve his marriage," the Major finished in as calm and reasonable a voice as he could manage. "And he is not a Sergeant!" Major Del Vecchio, you WILL BE his Commander when it is time for approval. He WILL BE a Sergeant when YOU approve his marriage. It will be arranged. I have been promised by the Amulets," Suenee told him in the same calm, certain voice that she had used before. The Major just stared at her in disbelief."I must go now," Suenee told us before coming over to kiss me. "My daughter is waiting for her lunch," she finished, and with that she and Starling's Greens disappeared, leaving everyone there staring at where she had been standing."Sergeant Baker, Sergeant Tweed, and SPECIALIST Starling follow me to my quarters, NOW!" the Major directed in a perturbed voice, as he rose and left for his quarters. Tweed, Starling and I followed him out."Now, just what is this about a marriage?" the Major demanded, when we were all three standing at attention before him in. She ordered a team to pick him up, and they’ll be arriving here tomorrow.”“How far away is the ship? We knew they might get a signal off when he went through his evaluation. Are we going to have the time she estimates we will need?”“Doesn’t say. I’ll send her a message and find out.”They both rode in silence, thinking about the news they just received. They knew this day was coming, and they had spent a long time preparing for it. Ultimately, it would be up to Jonathan to be ready when the time came.The silence was broken when Gabriel received another text. “Abi says that in all likelihood, the ship that will be sent is the one that received the message. It will take them just over 6 months to get here. Apparently it is a Scythe II class ship. Still a formidable ship and capable of carrying 2000 soldiers, it’s just slow. If they sent a Scythe VII class instead or another newer ship, it could get here in less than 3 months. They’re all being used in the war with The Confederation, so.
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