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Rachael and Josh looked at each other and then Rachael asked if anything happened to her there."Yes, Mom," confessed Brandi. "I let a boy get a close up look at my pussy and he even fingered me a little bit. A little bit later, I gave that boy a blowjob." Brandi stopped, waiting for her parents to yell at her."How did that happen?" asked Rachael.Brandi was a little shocked at the question. "Well, Dee and I had taken two boys into the boys' shower room. All of us were going to pee in front of each other. The boys wanted to see how the girls peed and the girls wanted to watch the boys pee." Brandi stopped again, waiting for her parents to react. When they didn't, she continued. "After we all had peed, Dee surprised me and the boy she had brought into the shower room by giving him a blowjob. I hadn't planned on doing anything more, but when I saw Dee giving her friend a blowjob, I didn't want the boy I was with to feel left out, so I decided to give him a blowjob too." My, my, my," said. Simmonds." I didn't insult him." He says you did." I told him not to be a twit. That's not being insulting." And what would you call it?" A precautionary admonition, sir." Rachel tittered."And who taught you to say that?" Mr. Simmonds, sir. He's quite insistent about improving our vocabularies." Hmpf. Yes. Quite so. Anyroad, why is this young woman here?" She's my guest for the day, sir." Weren't you a student here?" he turned to Rachel."Yes." And why are you here?" I'm waiting to enter Perth College, sir." I'm missing something." I was in Osaka visiting my grandparents. After the tsunami they decided I would be safer here in Perth. I've been accepted to Perth College for next year. Our mothers are seeing whether they will admit me early." Well, that makes sense. Why didn't you tell Mr. Simmonds?" He never asked, sir." Hmmm." Well, what do you think I should do with the two of you?" Sir, you could send us to the library and bar Rachel from coming here this week. And you could suspend.
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