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Okay?” He asks holding me at a distance so that he can look at me.“Yes!” I say nervously after nodding multiple times. He makes me sit me on my seat and I quickly grab my fork and start eating the noodles as fast as I can. I cough a little when I choke on my food.“Slowly, slowly.” He says with concerned eyes and rubs my back a few times.After the lunch he asks me to have a shower which I strongly needed to. In the warm shower I think only about him and what is he going to do to me next. He has made his intention clear. He wants to fuck me or as he says make love to me. While this should have brought panic to mind, here I stand naked in his bathroom having warm shower a bit calm and composed. Hell! I am kidnapped but his cool and nice attitude has certainly helped me out of my fear. Now I don’t think I fear him, that much. I am not a threat to you. I won’t hurt you. Never. I am not lying to you. I never do.It has just been some hours, okay just one and a half hour knowing him but by. He cupped his hands around my ass behind me; he started massaging it gently and my cunt tingled in response. I let him kiss me deeper as I reached between us and started undoing his tie. I got it off as he thrust his tongue into me again and again; all the while he was stroking my ass. I started unbuttoning his shirt; his chest was hairy, muscular and incredibly gorgeous. I bent down, kissing his neck and shoulders, as I eased off his jacket and shirt. I started kissing his chest as he slid out of his clothes; he was so gorgeous! I gently licked his nipple and he sighed in response. I could feel his hard-on pressing against my body! I wanted nothing more than to have him fuck me from behind, over his desk, but, now, I wanted it on the couch. It was such a big, plush couch; I couldn't wait to press my naked ass against it and spread my legs for Phil. Phil slid his fingers back between my thighs and prompted them open slightly; he started massaging my throbbing cunt-lips again and I.
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