" "And", she remained cool.?"Company rules state that the husband takes full responsibility for any breaches of confidentiality."?"What breaches." "Figures." "What do you mean figures," she was intrigued." "The ones Andy brought home and Mr Jarvis acquired." "That is preposterous, Mr McGuire, many people have access to Company figures." "Ah but not those figures, the file name, there was only ever one copy of that file, Andrew came to me, you see, and, I am afraid, we set you up." The colour drained slowly from her face, "I categorically deny any wrongdoing" she said but the waver in her voice betrayed her. "In that case I have a letter here for Andrew, only he or you could have passed on the figures."?I handed it to her,?"Read it" It was a notice of dismissal "He will easily find a new job, in a Burger joint."?The Company was well known for the dismissal Policy with instant return of Company property and loss of pension rights, and with ninety per cent of?all company employees in. Nira and Inez.”I nodded at her, then said, “What brought this up is asking Rhee and Heather what they thought about dressing a bit risqué tonight. I think it would be silly to have only a subset of the Go5 doing that. My thinking was that if Dad was interested in adding Celeste, and I doubt that he’s gotten anywhere near that far in his thinking, that we could do something like that to help us all understand Celeste better. She certainly seemed to like our sexy outfits the last time she saw them. That brings up my second question. If we want to do sexy tonight, do we go even more risqué? However, my ultimate thought on all this was for after Celeste leaves.”I could feel Rhee staring at me, so turned my head to face her. She was, indeed, and then she spoke.“Do you think that if we dress sexy tonight, the combination of our attire and Celeste’s beauty would have Dad all excited such that we’d get something like a manic Dad having sex with all of us for a second night in a row?”I gazed.
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