Revy Got Penetrated In All Of Her Holes

Coming out of the shower she realised the window cleaner was busy at the bedroom window, he was no looker and she reckoned quite a bit older, but she wanted, needed to be used and fuked, so she just let her towel drop pretending not to notice him she stood in front of the mirror looking at her body, taking her body lotion she squirted the white liquid into her hands and slowly she began to rub it over her body, starting with her arms then to her chest, she knew out the corner of her eye he was watching, she squirted the liquid again into her hands and very slowly rubbed it over her breasts, looking in the mirror it looked like cum on her breasts, she slowly began to rub it over her 38DDs her big nipples, he hands then rubbing over her stomach, she then relalised he had gone from the window, she frowned ooh well she thought Ill just play with myself, but then the door bell went, mmmm she thought as she pulled on a wrap I wonder!!!!!She opened the door and the old guy stood looking at. As I looked I also saw that each ankle had a pink silk scarf tied round it, leaving the ends loose. These loose ends had obviously been used to secure me to the bed. I also noticed that my legs were smooth, missing their usual hair. She saw my surprise at this and giggled."Don't worry, it'll grow back. I just needed you smooth, it will be up to your eventual owner to decide whether you shave, wax, get lasered, have electrolysis or whatever."From the box she retrieved two flesh-coloured blobs and picked up the tube of glue again. "Time for some tits," she said as she applied glue to one of the blobs and pressed it firmly against my chest. She repeated this with the other blob and sat back to look. I looked down and was aghast to see that I know had two fairly large and reasonably convincing breasts, complete with large firm nipples."Get used to the tits, girlie, you'll be getting permanent ones soon." She flicked a nipple and laughed as she turned away.She tied my ankles together with.
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