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’ ‘Well,’ I replied, ‘I think we need to find out before there’s a major problem. Here’s what I suggest…’ We returned and I waved to Reta as I turned down the lane to the hospital where I enlisted Dennis. From there I spoke to Kevin. He was reluctant but eventually joined the crusade. Now I went to see the Queen. ‘Your highness,’ I began, ‘I am having trouble understanding how you could allow a free man to become a slave…a slave to one of your tribe.’ When she feigned ignorance I laughed, ‘Please, my Queen, you gave Hosi the choice…slave or mate…and you did the same with Reta. I brought my brother, my cousin, and my friend here to help this tribe. We were all free men at home and we have the same expectation here. It might be different if you had captured us, but you didn’t. Is this how you repay our kindness and dedication to helping you? ‘I have been wondering how your ideas about slavery agree with your edict that none of us are to be harmed in any way.’ Queen Aleppa was silent. We should get to know each other better - I want to tell you how sorry I was to hear about your poor wife. I can sympathise - I lost my Cecil in similar circumstances. Nearly ten years ago but it only seems like yesterday."She led the way into a large drawing room - chintz-covered furniture, a piano, some nondescript water-colours on the walls. She settled herself on a sofa and indicated that I should take the armchair facing her. "I would like to call you John," she said, 'and you must call me Marjorie. Informal, the way friends should be."She was, I suppose, trying to put me at ease, but it wasn't easy and it was about to get more difficult. I had been surprised that she was wearing a floral housecoat when she welcomed me in, and the visit from the Johnsons lingered at the back of my mind, but it still left me unprepared for what happened next: she let the housecoat fall open to reveal navy blue bra and knickers; a matching suspender belt supported patterned stockings.My expression.
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