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He tried to pull back but I forced him back down. He bit a little and I cried out. I forced him farther down in retaliation. His eyes flicked up at me, looking slightly alarmed. I finally let him pull back after ten seconds more. He broke away, gasping a little. I looked over at Oren and said, Would you please teach your friend some manners. Oren flashed me a faintly cruel smile, Of course. He snatched Wes up while he was still recovering and pushed him up onto the stirrups Id bought recently. While Im sure Wes could have fought Oren off, he didnt. He simply submitted while Oren strapped him down. I doubt he had any idea of the creative cruelty that little blonde angel was capable of. What do you want me to do to him, Danny? Oren asked. Dealers choice. Another grin, Ooooh. I-Im sorry. Wes stuttered, Please dont punish me. Sorry, Wes, but youre in Orens hands now. Oren grinned and danced over to the toy box. He rummaged around a bit before giving a victorious Ah ha! I couldnt see. The rules go back to the earliest binding spells, some of which were truly evil. The warden’s bond is hardly one of those, but you’re still lucky that Lastal spoke to me about your problem before the First did. If I’d thought you were doing it on purpose, Sarlo would have tracked you down before now so I could kill you.”Corec swallowed as he realized who he was speaking to. “You’re Six, aren’t you?”“I’m Yelena. The First just doesn’t bother to learn anyone’s names. But yes, I’m the sixth warden, just as you’re the eighth. That’s simply how they track seniority—when someone ahead of you dies, you’ll be the seventh. Personally, I don’t see much point to it. We don’t interact with each other enough for seniority to matter.”“How many of you are there?” Ellerie asked. “I’m a wizard, and I’ve never heard of wardens before.”“I keep the wardens a secret, even from my fellow wizards. Some of the others are more open about their abilities, but they don’t go around discussing what we truly are..
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