Assamese Lover Fucking

Then she attached the chain around her ankle. "I will send you pictures of it to remind you that you have no control over your pathetic dick." she said while laughing. I pulled my pants back up and saw her out the door on her way to work. Periodically during the day, I would sit down to read other stories and look at other pics. My cock would get so hard. I know I have a small dick, but even that was almost not enough to withstand the pain of being locked up with the small ring and pin for the chastity device. Things didn't get any better when she texted me pics of her getting fingered while at work. I almost couldn't take it. I survived the rest of the night just barely. When she got home, I had already changed into my bitch boy panties. I am not allowed to wear panties that fit comfortably so I was wearing these cute XS bikini styles panties. They were white with black polka-dots and pink lace trim. I looked like such a bitch....and if that wasn't enough, when I had. The spotlight picks me out I knew it would it is my turn to entertain the watchers, I sit on the high stool on the stage my legs apart, my shaven pussy glistening with a hint of my juices, I run my hands over my newly pierced nipples, they still hurt but pop up erect, I take a banana from a bowl, peel it slowly and pressit to my pussy, it slides in I can take it all in without breaking it slides out of me shiny with my juice it ease it in and out slowly, the watchers stand, the crowd watching me applaud. I have succeeded in something but I am not sure what. i am naked on my back my arms tied behind me my legs raised with my feet in some sort or stirrup, a mouth is licking my pussy and anus, the tongue pushing into my little hole, a set of hands and caressing my tits gently pulling on the rings, some warm oil is now rubbed into my anus. "she is ready" a soft female voice utters. A man enters the room, he is very tall , he says "you are mine do as you are told and I will not have to.
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