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"Bounds Walkers began travelling in threes, all commerce between the Jal-Tak and the Sarané came to a halt, and each sought the help of their neighbours in trying to raise an army to wipe their enemies from the lands."In a word — chaos."After just a few weeks, with over two dozen dead on both sides, the Elders came together again, on neutral territory this time. It was agreed to settle matters traditionally, and a duel was set. Each settlement would elect a Champion and those Champions would engage in mortal combat, with winner take all. The losers had until sunset to quit their former lands or else risk enslavement, or impalement."Which brings us here today."As we arrived this morning, the final preparations were being made to the makeshift arena. Roughly circular in shape and about twenty feet in diameter, the land had been trampled as flat as possible, and had been packed with harsh sand, the harshness intended to 'inspire' the Champions to be as swift as possible in their combat.. “I know. I am careful. He knows nothing really personal about me. He is quite genuine though.” Jeff looked up at her. “I saw him on web cam one night. He couldn’t see me but I saw him.” “What was the point of that?” “He... he wanted to show me his thingy.” “Thingy?” “His penis.” “Fucking hell!” Elle squeezed his hand. “Sorry.” Jeff was almost speechless. “I won’t chat to him again. I promise.” “He hasn’t seen anything of you has he?” “Of course not.” “Thank God for that.” Elle smiled. “I will have to go online sometime to him though,” she told him. “He’s coming over to the UK in a couple of weeks and he was hoping to see me.” “What?” “He’s been trying to get me to persuade you to let him sleep with me,” she confessed. “I can tell him now that I did discuss it with you and you hit the roof.” Jeff looked at her. He was beginning to discover that there was a side to his wife that he didn’t know even existed. Elle squeezed his hand. “All this is a bit of relief.
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