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“Ya Alreet, soz I didn’t text b4, but am horny as fook. U up for sorting is out.”“I’m looking after a mates house him and his lass are away on holiday, you fancy popping over the morra night, and aye I cant stop thinking bout your cock it was so horny, im dying to gulp down on you again, ill suck you off as long as you want, id go a full two hours just noshing on you. ““Fucking get in, I’d not go that long, id be shooting me spunk in ya gob, ye dirty git., lol.”The couple had a massive house, and me phone buzzed bout 11 o clock, id just about given up on his visit, he d text earlier saying he’d be there bout 7ish , but couldn’t stay long. But oh no, he ended up outside the front door, with another lad, smaller than him blond hair quite cute, and they had loads of cans in a carrier bag, his cigarette shining in the dark. Fucking hell, he was steaming drunk. “This is me mate, ya got me text, right ya got the net on, hes a hardcore gamer.”He nodded to me, no hellos, i told him i had. And finally, my graduation formal. Of soft, ankle-length real velvet, it hugged my body, and the neckline left no question that I now possessed a proud and very feminine bosom. The long, medieval sleeves helped conceal my slightly-too-muscular arms. Makeup and jewelry followed. I had taken a lot of guff about my double-pierced ears and the heavy rings I always wore. Today I was wearing geometric bangles the almost reached my shoulders. They matched the silver and agate bracelets and necklace I'd made. Sensuous yet formal. I smiled.Finally I donned my wig. Of all the adaptations, this was the one that bothered me most. My genetic heritage could not be denied, although hormones had stopped the loss. The hair I had was long and healthy. And way too thin on the top. Ten minutes later, with the help of a crochet hook, several bobby pins, and special clips, the wig was on for the duration.My mirror told the story well. Gone forever was John. The dumpy, eccentric, reclusive student..
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