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Mai samajh gya aur maine unki jaang pe haath rakh diya aur choot ki taraf sarkane laga. unhone suit pehna tha, mai choot tak haath le gya toh unhone mera haath apni jaangh se daba liya aur maine bhi aoni ungli se unki choot sehla diya aur vo saham gayi. Phir maine unke gaal pe kiss kiya aur peechhe hat gya. Unhone mobile side rakha aur meri taraf dekha aur maine turant unko lip kiss kr liya aur unki choot sehlane laga. Dono khade ho gaye aur phir kiss karne lage aur maine unki gaand dabana chaalu kr di. Suit mai unki badi gaand mast lag rhi thi ekdam mulaayam aur maine 2-3 gaand pe thappad jad diye.Phir maine unki salwaar mai haath daal diya peechhe se gaand dabane ke liye aur dabane laga gaand zor zor se masalnelaga. Phir maine ek ungli mai thook lagaya aur phir salwaar ma daal ke unki kachchi ke andar se unki gaand ke chhed mai dheere se ungali kr di jisse vo sisak uthi aur mujhe gale le laga liya aur phir maine dheere se poori ungli inki gaand mai daal di aur andar bahar krne laga. She seemed moved and kissed me on the lips lightly."Do you want to play truth or dare?" Alyssa asked.I decided to be free, play willingly, and allow myself to enjoy this very fortunate situation."Yes." Okay, truth or dare?" She asked me in a sexy, feminine voice as she looked at me with her sexy bedroom eyes."Truth." What have you done sexually?" she asked."I guess nothing really." "But you're so cute, and you have a big cock. You need to plow some girl with that cock. You need to make a girl suck it, then put it in her pussy, make her cum, and if you're lucky you'll find other places for it too... It's a lot of fun, little cousin."She called me cute, kissed me on the forehead, and said, "Let's keep playing. Truth or dare?" she asked me."Truth." Do you want to have sex with a girl?" Well, naturally." I paused. "Truth or dare?" Dare." I dare you to touch my cock." Love to." She placed her hand around it. "Oh my god, I can't believe you have such a monster." She stroked it a few times.
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