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In a bit of a daze you leave the classroom and then the school building. You get into your car and still undecided as to what you will do. In fact, until you drive past the street you need to turn to go home, your decision had not been made. But, now it was. Your heart was racing. Your pussy twitching.It was not long before you pulled into the parking lot. You paused a bit as you contemplated your decision. Your heart raced more. You had no idea what was about to happen. What you did know though was that you could not live without what had been ignited. You opened the door and headed to the lobby and straight to the desk. Asking for the message left for you, you walk away and open the envelope."Hello, little one," it began. "Here is the key to Room 414. You will find further instruction there. I am thrilled by your courage and obedience. With fond affection, Master."You look at the key and turn back as you feel yourself being watched. The man who handed you the key was staring at you. She came here to rob us and our guests. She’s done this at other places. She’s also seduced people at bars and robbed them. She actually has a roofie in her purse. I felt we needed her as a slave rather than just loyal. However, before we do anything with her, she’s getting checked by a doctor based on some of the things she said.”“Wow. That’s crazy.” I looked at the redhead and past her beauty. I wondered how she wound up taking that path. “Kristen, what is her name?”“Her name is Sheila.” Kristen brought up a form on our private network. “Sheila, please fill this out. When you’re done, you can leave. Get a clean bill of health from a doctor and then we’ll find some way for you to be helpful here. Don’t speak to anyone about this place without talking to us first.”“Yes Mistress.”I let them get back to wind down the interviewing for the job since it appeared we had found the one we’d hire. The good news is that though I was tempted by Sheila, I had been able to restrain myself. The.
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