Indian Armpit Licking 102

I started licking his cock through the lycra of his speedo. This is a turn on for me whether I’m giving or receiving and Dan was enjoying it. Usually I do this until the guy pull his cock out from behind the lycra of his speedo and begs me to suck it proper but Dan asked me to make him cum in his speedo.Dan’s moaning was getting louder and louder but at first there was no evidence of his orgasm. Then, slowly, his jizz started oozing through the lycra of his speedo around the outline of the head of his cock.The front of Dan’s speedo was a cummy mess by the time his breathing subsided. He was packing a big load.Now it was my turn. We traded places, now I was sitting on the couch, legs spread with Dan between them looking at my cock stretching the front of my speedos. After getting him off I was full hard and ready to go. My red AussieBum speedos are more of a nylon material so not as slippery as lycra and no as suitable for rubbing. I freed my cock by pulling it out the leg of my. I told him about my urge and “Jai, please do not tell papa or mom” – I requested him. “Come on Jo, why would I tell any one, you want to see it”? I nodded my head and Jai pulled down the towel. “wow”, for the first time I am seeing a manhood. Long, Black, the foreskin shrunk a little exposing the rosy inner part, with thick hair surrounding it and the urinary bag, up to the pelvic region. My eyes were struck to it. “Hi, Jo, do what ever you want” – Jai told and stood his ground. “Jai, I do not know what to do, as I have little knowledge about sex” “Don’t worry Jo, I have good experience, I will teach you”. Jai came close to me and hugged, kissed on my lips. I was nervous and trembling. “Jo, don’t be nervous, be cheerful”- Jai told me and massaged my back. I liked it. He moved his hand into my kameez and massaged the bare back, moved it to my rib in a upward direction and on to my belly. I enjoyed it. He took my hand and kept it on his buttocks and told me massage it, I did what.
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