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" His attitude softened unexpectedly. "Besides, we wanted a little something to keep us company while we waited for you guys to show. We just might need her if things get tight with the fuzz."Sylvia stood, obviously emboldened again by his softened tone of voice. She looked at the gang leader, then glared at Ellen across the length of the room. She was a tall, remarkably striking girl with jet black hair and large, ripely rounded breasts whose nipples appeared clearly beneath her tight, flimsy blouse. Her young face had an arrogance to it that emphasized an aggressive sexuality, and it was suddenly quite obvious to Ellen why Billy had been attracted to the woman: she was the perfect alter ego to the gang chief, whose every gesture reflected a primitive grace and animal sexuality.The tall brunette nodded, then her lips curled in a sneer and her face flushed. "She says you all gang-banged her. Ya mean to say ya couldn't wait until I got here to get a little?"Cash broke out with a loud. I may have said some dorky thing like “comfy” while I bounced on it and laughed. Brett smiled at me , all the while he stroke his bulge over his jeans. He then took his shirt off, revealing the same body I had seen the whole summer before, but somehow this time, it felt different. His body seemed more muscular, more masculine and sturdier. His every dimple around his stomach and abs seemed deeper and more cut. The hair covering his strong chest seemed darker and drove me crazy! He sat right next down to me and he again smiled at me. I pulled close to him, to his face and then laid my face on his chest. I started kissing his chest and rub my face on his thick hairy chest, loving his thick hair brush my face. I rubbed his smooth stomach and passed my other hand on the part of his chest that didn’t have my face nestled in it, taking in his virile smell and feeling his strong grip on me. His patted kissed the top of my head, I rose my eyes to him and smiled, pulled to hi face again,.
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