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During this time, I made it a habit to hit Olongapo every day around 2 pm. At first I would go from club to club in the early afternoon, checking out the ladies in each. The further from the main street, the seedier the clubs got. Once day I decided to head out into what the guys called the "jungle." I got onto the back of a Jeepney and headed out of Olongapo towards Subic City. I had heard of the famous College in Subic City, "Marilyn's College of Cocksuckers." I thought - why not? Word was that for the price of a beer you selected three young ladies to join you one after the other in a curtained booth, where you stood, pants down. Each came in for a minute or two and swallowed your dangling cock so you could get a sample of their cock sucking skills.After about 4 or 5 miles, I decided to get off an walk a bit. It was a hot, beautiful, tropical day and I had nothing to do but get my cock sucked. As i walked along in the sand, I was walking past any number of palm frond roofed clubs.. I had not felt his tongue on me and like some magical serpent, it slithered in a way that I did not think any human tongue could move. In, out and around, flicking, digging, driving me crazy. Then his fingers joined in, twisted together and exploring. I guess I had my answer. One orgasm down, with who knows how many more to come. I tossed my own shirt aside and was working his up his body. I had interrupted him, but once he managed his own jeans he slid onto the bed between my legs. It didnt take him long to position himself, but he didnt enter, just teased me. Played with me, slid through my folds, nudged and prodded, but never entered. Garrett, you tease! I had to have him, but stayed my hunger. My turn. He whispered as he nestled just inside. The swell was gaining momentum, I knew it would be a good ride. Just relax, wait for it, let the wave do the work. Just a bit more, he slid in, I popped up, wrapped my legs around him, perfect, right on the sweet spot. I was on, he was in,.
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