Sick Riding

You’re too big. No fit. I not tell anyone. Let me go.”Biff sneered in her face, “I said shut up.” Then he pushed harder and harder. Slowly the head of his cock managed to squeeze in.Min gasped. She tried to pull back but that was impossible. She was dangling from her wrists, held in the air by Biff’s powerful hand.Biff grunted, “Yeah. That’s better. Let’s see if I can get all the way in.” He shoved and pushed. His thick long cock slid in an inch, another inch. He kept pushing until the base of his cock had reached Min’s very tight passageway lubricated by her earlier pussy rubbing.Min’s eyes rolled back. She couldn’t believe the monster cock had entered her. She couldn’t believe she was still alive. She couldn’t believe how good it felt as Biff started pumping in and out. She felt dizzy and confused.Min started moaning, “NOOOO. OHHH. Stop please. OHHHH.” She gasped for breath as Biff quickened his pace.Biff drove his cock in and out, harder and harder. The tightness of her pussy hole. And the thought that she would be tucked from both ends at the same time brought a smile to her face. She was amazed at her own boldness as she continued to grind her buttocks back to meet Jack Kelly s pounding fucks into her hungrily engulfing rectum as well as she possibly could and at the same time bend up her arm to touch the cock in front of her. With both elbows still supporting her, she pulled gently on the throbbing rod with one hand until the unknown man responded by moving forward on his knees until the heated tip was pressing against her soft, moist lips. She exhaled, allowing her hot breath to Sow over the cock-head with a maddening slowness."Come on... suck it. Suck it now!" the blonde heard the man groan. She taunted him a bit longer, never once taking her eyes away from the searing shaft to see who it might belong to. She skinned back the tiny bit of loose flesh just below the glans, and her tongue flicked out, the pointed tip coming into warm contact with the end of.
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