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Looking out first to see I was partially clear. I walked up to Cindy. She looked at me. She was more than just mad at me. Holding up her middle finger she screamed at me. Look what you fuckin did to my nail. I'm sorry, please I'll pay for it.Your fuckin right you will. Why was that fuckin door locked. I told you to leave it open.Now there was a bit of a crowd watching us.I..I.. I thought.No. You don't think Todd. You do. Got it.Looking down feeling very embarrassed I quietly​ say yes.This seemed to anger her more. She screamed DO YOU GOT IT? Yes I said loud enough for everyone to hear.Now get those boy clothes off right there and right now she demanded.Without​ hesitation I did as she demanded.The whole store seemed to go silent as I stood there in the bright pink bra, garter belt and panties. I could feel people's​ eyes all over my body. I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry right there and then but somehow I held it together.Cindy handed me a bright green garment and told me to put. Fang continued to play with the right breast nipple with his hand and mouth as Caterina’s head rowed backwards against the ground as a moan of pleasure escaped her lips. His other hand wondered over to the left breast making her take in a deep breath of delightful surprise with a loud moan of pleasure. Caterina’s desire to run her fingers over his chest became stronger with each touch of his tongue. She began to pull his shirt out of pants before pulling it up over his head and off his arms. As his arms come back down to her shoulders he moved his hands into a position of push the unbutton blouse off her shoulders. They both lied next to each other and caressed each other’s bare backs. Fang’s hands moved in a caress motion up her back in a soft and caring manner. All the while the hands were heading up her spine to the hooks of her bra in order to undo them. With the hooks undone the strips fell of the shoulders revealing the full size of her breast with the large pink nipples that.
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