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What say you to a little friendly match?’ Alisaundre gave a confident smile, gesturing for him. ‘Oh, a fight you want, then? Very well. I must admit, that not a day has been going by that I haven’t thought about beating you.’ ‘Now, Elyas, you should know that I’m the best knight this kingdom has ever seen.’ He jested. ‘You’re so bleeding full of it.’ Elyas broke out into shaky laughter. ‘Now, hither! Draw your sword and ready yourself, because this may be a friendly match, but I shall not go easy on you.’ ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ Elyas drew the sword that was tied to the left side of his waist, from his scabbard. The smile on Alisaundre’s face, that was hidden behind his protective helmet, widened, and he reached down to the right side of his waist, withdrawing his sword from the scabbard. Elyas came towards Alisaundre, and then he stopped. The two knights locked onto one another’s intense gaze, Alisaundre’s hidden dark brown eyes locked onto Elyas’ helmet, while Elyas’. Her younger, tighter vagina would have made the amazing sensations even more intense than those that had brought me so close to leaving my husband.Saying anything at all was too risky, so I remained silent.“I’m not sorry it happened, Mum,” she told me half ashamed, half aggressively. “I know I should be but I’m not.”I let her passion cool for a moment then asked:“It wasn’t just that one time?”She shook her head, her eyes lowered.“We spent the whole night together. And Sunday morning. He took me to the station in the afternoon.”If I knew anything about both their sexual appetites, they would have fucked many times in those hours. My chest tightened with emotion.“He visited me at Uni two weeks later. I spend the night with him in his hotel.”“Oh, Izzy…” I sighed.“Then I came back here to see him. I hadn’t warned him I was coming but we spent the whole weekend together… Oh, Mum, I kept seeing him in secret after I came back from Uni for the summer.”I could see she was on the verge of.
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