Becoming focused on your erect nipples visible through the sheer fabric of your bra….your hands reach behind your back…gently unclasping the strap….allowing it to the floor…my eyes transfixed as my cock strains against my trouser…. ‘Your turn.’ I remove my jacket and chuck it onto one of the archive boxes. My hand then unbutton my shirt… slowly taking it off as you watch…I spot you unconsciously licking your lips….as I pull it off my muscular torso encased in a thin layer of hair…my stomach flat, with just the hint of a six pack…then I remove my belt…pulling it deliberately through from my body….my trousers remain firmly in place…perhaps help up by engorged cock, clearly visible…a slowly unzip them and allow them to fall to the floor….wearing just a pair of designer boxer shorts my cock appears to be straining to get out… I don’t quite want to make the next move… before I know it you have grabbed at my boxer shorts and rapidly pulled them down…your hands stroke the head of my cock. She asked me that how am I looking Vicky and I kissed on her lips and pressed her boobs and my baby it’s amazing you are amazing this big ass is amazing and she smiled and we started kissing aaaahhh her lips we so fucking soft and she was so milky white.We kissed about 10 minutes and then she said that let’s go to the pool and she entered into it so I jumped in too. We were kissing again in the pool and I was rubbing her one boob now and she was moaning like aaahhh ummm aaahhhh aaaahhh yeah and was moving her tongue in my mouth.I moved my mouth on her giant tits now and started biting on them she moaned loudly aaaaaahh yessss and put her hand on my dick that was fully erect she removed my shorts and made me full nude and I removed her ribbons from her milky body and bite on her right tit. She was getting horny in that pool and with my bites soon she said that Vicky let’s go from here I am getting so horny now and she sat on a chair outside of the pool and point on my dick to her.
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