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And seeing mom nude wasn’t anything new either. So I helped her take off all of her clothes, but left her panties on. As I was picking up her clothes from the floor and folding them, she asks, “Donny, why am I sitting her with just my panties on?”I said, “Mom, you just undressed. I left your panties on to sleep in. You’ve been drinking a lot and you don’t want an accident now, do you?” She smiled at me and said, “Like this?” She grabbed her panties, pulled them off and proceed to pee all over the wooden living room floor, laughing like crazy.“MOM! Come on, I have to clean that up!” As mad as I was at mom, I have to admit, watching her pee like that gave me an instant hard on, sticking through my boxers. I decided to take her to the bathroom, so I reached down, put my hands under her arm pits and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and as she did, my cock slid right into her now wet pussy. As I held her, I could tell she has passed out. So I carried her. I was glad to know that she was a real, live person. Eventually, she turned her chair to face me. ‘Penny, dear, how nice it is to see you! How are you, honey?’ ‘I think I’m losing my mind, Mary. First, the girls tell me that they’ve never seen or heard of Mike. Then, I go up to the top floor and I discover that Mr. Blackwell and Isabella don’t exist.’ Mary shifted in her chair. ‘Oh, they exist, honey, don’t you ever forget that. They are evil, and fighting evil is like trying to nail down mercury. But it’s nice to know they’re not upstairs, anymore. You can thank Michael for that.’ ‘I’d like nothing better, Mary. Can you tell me where I can find him?’ ‘I’m afraid not, Penny, he comes and goes. He does his business, and then he leaves. I can’t tell you where he goes. He helped you move, that’s all I know.’ ‘Yes, he did. There aren’t many guys that would help someone move without expecting something in return.’ Mary looked at me kindly. ‘Honey, he didn’t just help you move into your.
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