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Eyes shifted then to James, interrupting his thoughts. "I guess you getto be Anna again then," Talib concluded.A pat on his shoulder brought James back to the present. A car pulledinto Bian's garage. They watched as she and her family disembarked andentered the house. Talib figured to give them five to ten minutes tosettle a little before approaching. Austin had given James some pointersto help him out and this time James was feeling more confident for realthis time.Ding-dong take two.This time Bian's mother answered the door. That the little Asian womanwas barely any bigger than Bian herself gave the poor girl little hope ofgrowing much more."Oh, good evening, Anna. Looking for Bian? We were out visiting apotential university. I'll go get her for you. Come on inside." Withthat she bustled off to find her daughter.James smiled. Well that pretty much handled itself... James gingerlystepped into the foyer to wait.Less than a minute later, Bian head appeared above the. First impressions: rich brown shoulder-length shiny thick hair, startlingly large green eyes, pretty little nose, full lips, roundish face with good cheekbones. My eyes did not have time to travel further, in any case I was in the thrall of her beautiful face. ‘Yes?’ As you can see, being a lawyer I had a way with words. I added a smile, no extra charge. ‘I’m Penny Roasburie. Tony Ledson said you might be able to help me.’ Big engaging smile, twinkling eyes – hers not mine. I cocked one eyebrow as an invitation to proceed – Athletic see? ‘The thing is, we had a party last night at the Chaplaincy, and I need to move a barrel of beer to our flat before the Chaplaincy closes for the vacation. Fr Tony said you’re a kind helpful man, very friendly, and you have a car.’ She stopped and looked hopeful. ‘You want me to move a barrel of beer to your flat? How big?’ I told you I was bright. ‘Living room, one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom,’ she said with an impish grin. She was growing on me..
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