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I had no idea what kind of jewels they were, but assumed they were valuable.Captain Karbo and the main body of Donnakian troops arrived shortly after lunch. The Congraian troops were now building and manning another wooden barricade at the camp site the Donnakian troops had just left.I sat down on the porch to rest and immediately fell asleep. Sunset was approaching when I was awakened by the raucous laughter and shouts of celebration of exuberant Donnakian troops filing back into town. They were coming down the steps cut into the hillside west of the village. Captain Karbo had a huge, smug grin on his face.“We did it!” he exclaimed. “They had ten thousand men in the pass. We had several of our men dress in captured Kahjohngi uniforms and act like their sentries. Using the Kahjohngi’s shiny shields and their signals that we learned a month ago, we signaled that they had captured the pass. We waited until we could trap most of their troops by using the scree to block the pass in two. It wasn’t a cover story that would hold up for long with neurologists. In the past hour, Bell had received an impressive initial package of information from Washington in response to his inquiries. Quite a few hot buttons had been hit: the Middle East, immigration, the Gulf War, the year 1991—allin addition to his professional interest in pain and in scientists with unusual vulnerabilities. ‘And this never happened before?’ he asked. She shook her head, holding his gaze. ‘I was stunned by it. Now, I’m embarrassed.’ ‘I could say that there is no reason to be, but you may not mean that in a personal sense. In the neurology and psychiatry career game, yes, you have been slightly embarrassed.’ ‘Oh,’ she said sighed, shaking her head, ‘personally, too. I looked like a nut case. Talk about alarming.’ ‘I don’t think I’ve seen that one in the DSM IV,’ said Bell. She laughed. Her dark eyes had a way of catching the light. Like a gem, thought Bell. ‘It has to be in there,’ she said. ‘They just.
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