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Back to the story. So I drove to pick her up in a snow storm. Got her at the airport we hugged got her in the car and started on our way back to our town. I asked her about her trip (which was with the other guy she's fucking mind you). She told me it was great, shopping with her "Girlfriends", dinners, so on and so on. We got about a quarter of the way back and the roads got very bad. Icy everywhere and we had to drive 35 mph to just keep on the road. During this time my MIL reached over scarred about the conditions and squeezed my hand in fear of how bad the roads were. After about 30 mins decided it was necessary to stop and assess the situation. After checking the weather reports and talking about what to do we decided to keep going. This is when I took a shot and made my move. We had hours of driving ahead of us so I figured I'd try to have some fun. Now remember we had fucked once and I knew it would be on going even though we hadn't talked about the first time. My hand was now. With this motion, Jennifer shivers, anxious to see in Hunter takes the bait."I can't, I must leave." Hunter's voice is cold, emotionless. He doesn't do this out of spite or distaste, but he knows that the only way to get out of here is to be stern."Boo, you seem to never want to go another round with me" Jennifer says, showing a pouty face. As Hunter begins to lift himself off the bed, she quickly tumbles forward and takes a hold of his semi erect cock in her left hand. "The least I could do is clean you off." With a seductive smirk, she leans in with her soft, velvety pink tongue and makes a full lick up the bottom of his shaft, forcing Hunter to shiver and moan in pleasure. She gently swirls her tongue along the head before engulfing the full penis into her mouth, down to the back of her throat.As her lips climb back to the crown of his cock, she begins to suck ever so slightly, in hopes of vacuuming any sperm hiding in his manpipe. Thankfully, for her, she manages to steal a few.
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