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I lean back and make a face. "Well fine then...," I say, slightly irritated. I sit up and slide down to the end of the bed to look at what's around. A box of extra bedding catches my eye, and I grab a thin pillowcase off the top. I fold it over several times to create a long piece of cloth, which I take back with me as I lie back down next to you.Smiling to myself, I gently tilt up your head, arranging the cloth so it covers your eyes and then loosely knot it behind your head. After rolling you onto your back, I straddle your hips. I unclasp my pink bra and slip it out from underneath my top. Lowering myself over you, I feel your lovely mounds against my rapidly stiffening nipples. My cheek grazes the warm skin of your face as I whisper in your ear, "Good morning, lover."Finally, you take a deep breath and seem to rouse from sleep. "Mmmm...what's going on?"In response, I cover your mouth with slow, affectionate kisses. I feel you start to kiss me back, squeezing them each time I pull. When she took her fingers out of me she brought her hand up and as we parted she placed her fingers on my lips and then into my mouth as I sucked on them and tasted my own cunt. By now I was ready for a bit more and, "I want to suck on your tits" I softly said to her and we both decided to get a little more comfortable and so off came my top and her top and bra. She had a really nice set of full hanging tits with large nipples that any woman or man would love to suck on all day. Once again I moved in and as we again kissed I now began to caress her tits, feeling the soft tenderness of her tits and nipples until I broke off and kissed her around her neck. When I finished I rose up a bit and turning around now laid across her lap and now had a bird's eye view of her tits from underneath them. When I got comfortable Phyllis reached up with both hands and took one tit in them and lifting her tit up, she took her nipple into her mouth and squeezed her tit. When she had enough she let go.
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