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She was moaning loudly."What's happened to you?" Daniel asked."This is ... my punishment ... for displeasing my Master..." Sarosa moaned. "I am horny ... oh so horny ... but I cannot touch myself ... No relief..." Just use your magic to take it away," Daniel said."I ... cannot ... I cannot disobey my Master..." Well Charlie, you wish it away for her then." I'm not helping that bitch out," Charlie said. "I can't anyway. It'd be against the rules." What rules?" The genie rules. Afericus explained them to me. One of them is I can't interfere with someone else's wishes." What? That's stupid." Very annoying, isn't it?" Said Harry, walking into the room. "As annoying as coming home to find there's a magical barrier around my bedroom, and having to sleep in mum and dad's bed." Oh yes, I'm sure sleeping with your mother was a nightmare, you sicko," Charlie said. Harry just ignored her, and walked over to Sarosa."Had enough?" He asked."Please Master!" Sarosa begged. "This is agony!" That's. As he looked her small hands continued down, stopping at the next button and slowly set it free as she had the others. With each button that was opened the soft light of the room revealed more of her innocent body to his desperate eyes. Quicker, quicker he willed her to speed up but the more he wished the slower it seemed to happen. A pastel pink bra was now partly visible under her shirt as it fell open with the next button. There was one left and as her fingers fumbled it undone a smooth firm tummy was revealed. Still looking down, her arms shifted and she let the blouse fall to the floor. He gasped as she was revealed to him. The picture of teenage beauty her skin, her waist and her pert tits were made to be desired, to be fantasized over. She lifted her face slightly and he saw through her soft hair a cute face; a small button nose, pouty pink lips and deep brown eyes which glanced over at him. No more waiting. He strode over to her stopping inches from her half naked body,.
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