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It was time to have a bit of fun. She had been doing this for years. Prowling the streets in her black one-piece waiting to come across petty criminals to teach them a violent lesson was something she'd become quite accustomed to. It was as though she did as a hobby, rather than out of moral obligation. Downing a quick Red Bull & Vodka, she set off into the night to serve a little vigilante justice.But tonight was not going to be like any other.Annie was aware of the recent disappearances of her colleagues. She also knew this would continue to happen until someone put an end to it. She decided that tonight, she was going to catch them in the act. She had heard from an old friend, Nina Summers, that she had seen several intimidating men eyeing her up on her way to work a few days ago. Annie knew this couldn't just be a coincidence, and immediately headed outside the bar Nina would often visit after work. Looking inside, she was incredibly relieved to see Nina alive and well, chatting. We pretty much spent all the following week together other than when I was working when she would drop me off in the morning and pick me up after my shift was over, then we would eat and make love, sleep and start over again it was a fabulous feeling, she had slept at my humble flat a couple of times and had seemed happy to be there, I knew that at the end of the week she was to return to her university in Glasgow, after that I would probably only see her every second weekend so we made the most of the time we had, I had not met any of her family yet and meeting them had not been mentioned, whether they knew about me or not I never asked as it was a situation that I was more than happy with for the time being.For the first week or so that she was back at university she called several times a day to remind me to be faithful and to tell me how happy she was and how much she missed me, then one day she didn’t call so I tried to call her but got no reply just her voice mail, the next few.
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